Falcone Art    

freelance graphic design • illustration • art direction


My expertise has provided corporations such as Grand Circle Travel, Boch Motors, Western Schools, BJ's Wholesale and WearGuard the competitive advantage of more than 20 years experience in effective retail and B-2-B direct mail, ads, websites and cost efficient catalogs.

I was part of the design team that helped Grand Circle Travel grow their business by 38% in a single year. While at Boch Motors/Subaru of New England, their Toyota Dealership became Number 1 in the World, and sister companies Honda, Kia & Mitsubishi were consistently among the top 3 in sales and service in the nation. My venture with William Alden fell short of my usual standard; Alden only doubled its sales to 12 million in 1999, broke 17 million in March of 2000 and sister company lowpricetools.com was growing 50% weekly.



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