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freelance graphic design • illustration • art direction

Baba Yaga stroked the magic spoons on the table.

Cat and Sparrow Baba Yaga

Bubbles The Door

Illustrations for The Magic Spoons

Story and illustration by Ann Falcone. Based on a Russian fairytale.


The cold winter winds began to blow, but we could not fly away.

Land of Plenty Winter Came

Stored the Grain Feathers Fused into Fingers

Illustrations for We Were Birds

Story by Konrad Bercovici, illustration by Ann Falcone. Based on a Roma legend.


Then an owled called

Baptism The Gypsy Fidler

The WeddingAn Owl Called

Illustrations for Death & the Gypsy

Original story and artwork based on an old Romanian folktale.


A Collection of Early Middle Grade Short Stories

Long Ago & Far From Here

The North Wind

Simza must use her wits to save her magical treasures

Blind Man's Bluff

A young girl plays a life or death game. Can a simple act of kindness save her?

A Spark of Fire

Insects court Princess Firefly in this classic Hungarian tale.

The Easy Life

A man trades places with his wife to take a day off work


A Collection of Short Stories for Tweens

Transylvanian Tales:

Fairy Tales with Teeth

How the Violin Was Made

A lovelorn girl asks the devil for help.

The Vampire

A girl's deception brings her in contact with the undead.

And Life Was Life

Cultures clash when the tinkers come to town in this tale of customs and prejudice

The Dark Flower

Courage and character overcome poverty and persecution in this story of a downtrodden princess


Brothers overcome jealousy and alcoholism

Godmother Death

Zoia discovers her godmother's secret. Can she save her family in time?


A Collection of Short Stories for Young Adults

Carpathian Crossroads

Lore & Legends from


The Blood Countess

A woman seeks eternal youth by bathing in blood

The Red King & the Witch

A tale of the regrets of eternal life

The Rose Maiden

An enchanted tree harbors a poor peasant

A Mother's Love

A story of love that transcends death

The Master Builder

The sacrifice required for immortality

The Forest of Twenty Thousand

Strange fruit grows around Prince Vlad's castle. A Romanian Dracula legend.